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Hupu News on October 17 Recently, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua goalkeeper Zeng Cheng said in an exclusive interview with "Morning News": Now is the best period of his career.


The competition system is indeed quite special this year. After the first stage, we have an adjustment period and put a few days off, so that we can recover as soon as possible, so that we can better meet the second stage of the game. I believe that through this stage of adjustment, everyone is ready.


SIPG has always been a relatively strong team, but I believe we are also competitive. Although the outside world feels that we are at a disadvantage, we are still very confident. This year we also introduced a lot of players. These players had a lot of clashes with SIPG in previous games. With everyone united and working hard, I believe the next two derby games will be very exciting games. In the two rounds of the game, everything is still possible.


It is not just me who can complete such a data, it is inseparable from the efforts of everyone on the field. Defense is not just a few players in the backcourt. The head coach's tactics require a high level of defense in the midfield, so the defense starts from the midfield. Xiao Cao (Cao Yunding) and other players played a leading role in the midfield, followed by Feng Xiaoting, Mbia and Xiao Zhu (Zhu Chenjie) in the backcourt. As for scoring, I think it's left to the fans.


As for me, I think it is my best time for my understanding of the game, my understanding of football and my age. Many people think that our age is a veteran, but I think that from the special position of goalkeeper, it is a better time, with previous experience accumulated through many games. Like our goalkeeper coach, he stayed in his forties. And Buffon, 42 years old this year.


As a professional athlete, in fact, the entire football career has been accompanied by injuries. I feel that as a high-level and excellent athlete, I will not be knocked down by injuries. Just like my motto: falling to the ground is to stand up more firmly and bravely next time. I have been injured many times, and every time I fall, I want to have a better performance after coming back. Although the days were difficult, I have always adhered to this belief and can come out better.


The biggest factor is that everyone has upheld the spirit of Shenhua, never gave up in times of difficulty, and everyone is united. In the final stage of the first stage, many of our team members were injured. In the injured players, it also reflects a very good quality of will, many particularly important games, they played with injuries. Some players really touched me. They played closed games.


First of all, I would like to thank President Wu (Xiaohui Wu), President Zhou (Jun Zhou), and coach Cui for their trust and recognition of our veterans. In this introduction process, there are many difficulties that the outside world does not understand, but President Wu and President Zhou have made great efforts to help us come to this team. I believe that in the next games, these veteran players will do their best to help this team and give back to the club leaders and coaches for their trust and recognition.


This year, Xiao Zhu (Zhu Chenjie) and Jia Bao (Wen Jiabao) played a long time. They also played a relatively large role on the court, showing their abilities and strength. At the same time, there are more than two of them, and there are other young players in the team, such as Zhou Junchen and Liu Ruofan, who are on loan outside, and they also get training opportunities in this high-density competition. I hope they can continue their good performance on such a good platform and key competitions, help the team, and grow faster as individuals. As those of us with relatively more game experience, we will also communicate more with them on the field and respond more to better fulfill the responsibilities of this position and improve faster.


I am very grateful to the fans and friends for coming here to cheer for us, and for giving us a lot of encouragement and help. In the match against Luneng, we equalized at the last moment, and we couldn't do without the fans who kept shouting, hoping that the epidemic will pass soon and we can fight together as soon as possible. Just like what I wrote in the Weibo post we posted with Luneng in the first stage: Today is also the first time that our game has fans open. It’s great to see you! Here, I would like to thank every fan and friend who came to cheer and cheer, and also thank all the fans and friends who cheered us on the screen. I believe that after the epidemic gradually improves, we can take one step closer and fight side by side with everyone.


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